Welcome to the Pieces Project!

Welcome to my blog! A lifestyle site where you can find awesome healthy recipes, meal prep, and cooking ideas!

About Me: I’m a mother of 3 awesome kiddos, trying to navigate the moving pieces of a blended family while having a full time career and being in Grad School. Easy-Peasy right? Let’s do this!

In line with my love of fresh food, fast meal prep, making real connections, and saving time and money, I also work as an Independent Consultant with Pampered Chef. I’ve used the cooking tools, training, recipes, and tips from Pampered Chef to create mealtime moments with family and friends everyday, and occasionally I will share my favorite ones with you here on this blog along with other things! You can check out what Pampered Chef has to offer on my pampered Chef website https://www.pamperedchef.com/pws/khilton619

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