Jarcuterie 101

Finished Jarcuterie

Jarcuterie is popping up everywhere, from food blogs to five-star restaurants to your local grocery store. It’s easier to serve at home than you might think. All you need are a few tips, the right items,, and hungry friends.

Jarcuterie’s Backstory

Jarcuterie is based on Charcuterie, which is the French culinary tradition of preparing meats like salami and prosciutto. Originally, meat was front and center on a charcuterie board, but now you’ll see elements like cheese and antipasto mixed in. These sweet, salty, and briny extras provide a brilliant balance, and give you and your friends the chance to try unexpected combinations. Think of it as a fancy, adult version of Lunchables®, that’s way more delicious.

Take everything you know about charcuterie and put it into a single-serve, portable jar. Here’s my step-by-step guide to building solo charcuterie that’s tasty, fun, and easy! Try it this Holiday season! Season’s greetings!!!

Prep Bowls

Step 1:

Pick your jar! Choose a jar or small bowl that’s small enough to easily carry, but not so small that you’ll have a hard time fitting a variety of different foods in it. Fill it about two-thirds of the way full with nuts, grapes, dried fruit, or cubes of cheese. 

Step 2:

Add crackers. Or breadsticks, or flatbread or pretzel sticks. Something crisp that’s a tasty base for what comes next. 

Add crackers

Step 3:

Next come the cheese slices. A semi-hard cheese like Manchego works well. 

Step 4:

Fill in the gaps. Tuck in additional cheese, dried fruit, fresh fruit, chocolate, or nuts.

Step 5:

Add 1–2 skewers per jar. Stack up meat, cheese, olives, pickles, fruit—you have nearly endless options.

Step 6:

Garnish for just a little extra flair. Try a sprig of a fresh herb like rosemary, thyme, or sage.

Step 7:

Enjoy with your beverage of choice. Individual bottles are a nice addition.

Finished Jarcuterie

Jarcuterie Supplies That I Use:

Lazy Susan

Premium Charcuterie & Cheese Board Set

Prep Bowls

1-cup Prep Bowl Set

Crinkle Cutter

Crinkle Cutter

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